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"Packing Boxes"

    Boxes should be packed by placing a firm layer of packing material on both top and bottom of contents. Contents inside the box should be packed firmly so that there are no gaps between items. If items do not fit well together the gaps should be filled with packing material to prevent the items from moving around. Always be careful when choosing packing material to prevent staining. Newsprint can smear or stain some surfaces. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be purchased at most places carrying moving supplies.

Boxes should be labeled clearly on the top and sides to make identification easier. All boxes containing fragile items should be clearly identified as fragile and packed on the top of the stacks. Never pack fragile items under heavier boxes as they may crush. When placing plates, serving platters, and casserole dishes in boxes always stand them upright on their edges to help prevent breakage. Books on the other hand should be laid flat to prevent breaking the spines. Use caution when packing heavy items to prevent making boxes to heavy. Heavy boxes are harder to lift and can be damaging to other boxes.

  Placing boxes on a pallet or other items can help prevent the cardboard from absording moisture. Cardboard boxes that absorb moisture can become unstable or fall apart.

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Mt. Orab

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