Hatch Charts

Duck Eggs:
Type     Approx. days til Hatch     Incubator Temp. Far.
    Bobwhite     23     99.5
    Cortunix     17-18     99.9
    Chicken     21     99.5
    Pheasant     23-28     99.5
    Turkey     28     99
    Duck     28     99.5
    Goose     28-34     99

We suggest the following hatching tips:

  • Place incubator on a flat surface away from drafts or direct sunlight.
  • Remove eggs from automatic turners 3 days prior to hatch date to allow chick to get oriented for hatching.
  • Chicks should remain in incubator for 24 hours after hatching.
  • Chicks can hatch for a few days after hatch date due to flucuations in incubator tempature and moisture levels.
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